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    Posted by LisaB on June 22, 2023 at 3:54 pm

    When we say we have faith, what do we mean? Let’s look at some examples of faith. Do you have a family doctor? Why is he you doctor? Have you ever flown in a commercial plane? Why did you get on that plane? Did you have faith in the pilot? Did you know the pilot? Why do you put your money in a bank? Would you attempt to fly an air plane without having taken any flying lessons? Could you make a Red Velvet cake without a recipe? There are endless examples of things that we do and things and people we trust because we have faith in them. That faith only comes from knowledge. We flew in the plane because we knew the pilot has been trained. We have faith in our doctor because he went to medical school and has been the family doctor for years. We have faith in the bank because we know they have a vault, insurance on our money, and we have made endless transactions with them. We have faith that our recipes will present a dish for us as long as we follow the instructions. We know this because we have used these recipes for years.

    Do you have faith in God? Do you know God? Where did your knowledge come from? Can you rely on your knowledge? Does you knowledge allow an inner active relationship with our King? Can you share some examples of how you grew your faith in the true knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ?

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